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Do you have a project, a product, or a strategy to present? A report or a Business Plan to write?
LITANI is precisely the service you need!

From idea generation…

… to technical and strategic writing

Our LITANI service, a three-step approach

Litani Service

Litani, in a few words…
is the service we offer in technical and strategic writing. This service is specially designed to present the technical or strategic content of your organization. This service is unique because of the importance we give to the content development as well as to the proper wording.

We do not simply provide written material; but rather we offer a service made of a three-step approach.

First, we clarify and complement your concepts and ideas

At the start of the process, you share with us your ideas as they come to your mind, whether raw or already matured. We then assist you in identifying the specific technical and strategic content that these ideas carry for your organization.

These ideas can apply to a concept, a project, a product, a service, a Business Plan, a corporate strategy or even a method you are developing or planning to do so. 

In close collaboration with you, we will then take care of clarifying and complementing your ideas as much as necessary.

Our objective is to make sure, with you, that these ideas are coherent and relevant, and that they are developed enough to carry the message you wish to convey.

To reach this objective, we put to work our vast experience in strategic and technical consulting in the world of business, management and technology.

Then, we script the message
We then focus on organizing your ideas in order to clearly define your message, its objective and structure. We therefore design the script of the message.

At this stage, our objective is that each of your ideas leads smoothly and naturally into the next, in a logical order, so that your message is clear and structured, leaving no room for ambiguity.

Finally, we write the texts and prepare the documentation

Once the ideas have been clarified and the message clearly structured, the last step consists of developing the texts and documents which will deliver the content.

Texts can be long or short, and take different forms, such as a report, a slide presentation or even an audio or video clip.

Thanks to our mastery of French and English languages, our texts are clear and concise. Our writing style is smooth and fluid, and adapts itself to the objective of the message.

As your clients, employees, investors or partners will be reading our texts, they will be able to fully understand and grasp all the technical or strategic scope of your message.

You no longer run the risk of having some of your important ideas get overlooked or poorly understood.

Our fields of activity

Our Litani service is offered for the following main fields of activity:

  • Business and management; i.e. for Business Plans or corporate presentations (strategic plans, business proposals, etc.);
  • Technology; i.e. for engineering reports, project or product or service presentations, specifications or technical manuals;
  • Academic field and professional training; i.e. for developing educational or training material.

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