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Strategies and Business Processes

Manavue, in few words...
Founded in 1988, MANAVUE INC. provides consulting, coaching and training services in Innovation and Operational Performance.

We assist organizations in defining their innovation strategies and optimizing their performance and their business processes.

Mission and Commitment
Our mission is to have organizations reach their highest objectives of performance and competitiveness, through innovation and operational performance, therefore maximizing their value, while at the same time voluntarily adhering to the principles of Sustainable Development.

Proven methods, and a service tailored to your needs

The experience acquired over the years, as well as our expertise in our fields of activity, have made us develop and perfect our working methods.

Combining structure and flexibility, we offer you a personalized service, designed and tailored to the needs and context of your organization.

Being able to answer your concerns by bringing realistic solutions, this is what drives us.

Manavue's Bulletin
You are invited to view our Manavue's Bulletin web page. You will find there some interesting articles, as well as news and information that you may find useful. Enjoy your reading! (Note: Bulletins are in French only).

Our Training Program
The courses and seminars that we offer are designed to have you properly understand and apply the best management practises within your own working environment . Contact us for more information.

Our services
The services we offer,
all aimed at defining your innovation strategy, improving your performance and optimizing your processes, cover the following fields of activity:

The Lean approach, to improve the performance of your organization
In whatever field of activity we are involved, we will assist you in taking benefit from the concepts and principles of the Lean approach. Inspired from the Japanese management methods, the objective of this approach is to make your enterprise the most flexible and efficient possible in its operations.

Litani ® - Technical and Strategic Writing
Do you have a project, a product, or a strategy to present? A report or a Business Plan to write? Litani ® is precisely the service you need.

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