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To have you stand out with your performance,
the efforts of your organization to ensure the future
of the up-coming generations will be recognized



Services Offered in Sustainable Development and Eco-Design

  • Defining and implementing a Strategy for Sustainable Development
    • Strategy aligned with the corporate vision;
    • Coherence with Innovation and Product Strategies;
    • Coherence with the Strategy for Operations Management;
    • Strategies for a portfolio of green products and services;
  • Environmental Management Systems
    • Environmental policies and specific objectives;
    • Environmental program and specific activities;
    • Controls, measures and records;
  • Eco-Design
    • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA - Full or Streamlined);
    • LCA interpretation;
    • Eco-Design Strategies and their integration to the Product Development Process;
  • Business performance indicators and scorecards - for Sustainable Development

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