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To have your offering of products and services
aligned with the strategic vision of your company
while maximizing its value



Services Offered in Innovation Strategy

  • Defining and implementing an Innovation Strategy
    • Innovation Strategy aligned with the corporate vision;
    • Innovation Strategy, an integral part of the Product strategy;
    • Innovation culture;
    • Innovation processes;
    • Capabilities and resources required for deploying an Innovation Strategy;
    • Innovation Diagnostic;
  • Innovation Ideas Management
    • Incentives for innovation ideas generation;
    • Processes and systems for ideas management;
  • Product and Project Portfolio Management
    • Strategic and balanced portfolio management, aligned with the corporate vision;
    • Strategic objectives and financial analyses;
    • Business value optimization;
    • Research projects vs development projects for products and services;
    • Project risk analyses;
  • Business performance indicators and scorecards - for Innovation

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