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To have you master what is the most precious asset in business:
information and knowledge


Services Offered in Information Management and PLM Systems

  • Document and Information Management Process
    • Product Data and Service Data Management;
    • Compliance and traceability in the design process;
    • Information Management: a facilitator for Lean Innovation and Lean Engineering;
  • PLM Systems - Product Lifecycle Management
    • System selction and implementation;
    • PLM: a facilitator for Lean Innovation and Lean Engineering;
    • Integrating PLM to ERP and to other systems and processes;
  • Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning
    • Process cycle for Knowledge and Know-How Management;
    • Learning process and strategies;
  • Management Process for Engineering Changes and Revisions
    • Impact analysis, propagation and traceability;
    • ECR/ECO/ECN cycle;
  • Process for Configuration Management
    • Applicable norms and standards (MIL, CMII, etc.);
    • Baselining: concept and application;

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