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To have all your operations,
from order taking to product manufacturing and service delivery,
be coordinated and aiming at common strategic objectives



Services Offered in Operations Management

  • Defining and implementing a strategy for Operations Management
    • Strategy aligned with corporate vision
    • Coherence with Innovation and Product Strategies;
  • Optimizing the Value stream, from order taking to product or service delivery
  • Process for Supply Chain Management
    • Process for Production management or Service delivery
    • Process for defining BOMs, production or operation methods and standards;
    • Process for production planning and scheduling;
    • Inventory Management;
    • MRP/ERP Systems;
  • Optimizing the Added Value and reducing lead times
    • Implementing the Lean Approach throughout the organization;
    • Value stream mapping and optimization;
    • Identification and elimination of wastes and inefficiencies;
    • Implementing Pull and Continuous flow systems - Just-in-Time;
    • Standardization of work;
  • Document Management Process for Product Manufacturing or Service Delivery
  • Project Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Initiatives for Continuous Improvement
  • Initiatives for Quality Management and Quality Assurance
  • Integration, coordination and co-location of activities - Innovation/Engineering and Operations
  • Business performance indicators and scorecards - for Operations Management

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